Fitness Studio

We are not like other gyms. We don’t play loud music, we don’t yell. Our primary concern is that workouts are safe and effective, enjoyable and each client looks forward to attending Solutions. Attend anytime during opening hours for a personally designed workout supervised by a personal trainer who keeps you motivated. We mix up cardio, 1 minute circuit strength training, core, flexibility and floor exercises that change according to our timetable. Membership includes FREE Pilates classes.

100% supervised, friendly and only $59 per fortnight. Call for your free trial!

See our timetable.

Attend when you like without an appointment to use machines and free weights, exercise bikes, cross trainers, TRX and a host of floor exercise equipment. These workouts last 30-60 mins depending on your preference and are suitable for all ages: those who want to be fitter, healthier, lose weight and maintain wellbeing. If you choose we will run you through fitness tests and measurements periodically to track your progress.

To start, book a personal training session or drop in casually.

Payment options are either by the casually, fortnight, or annually for even better rates.

Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates Mat Classes are for those with moderate fitness who enjoy the Pilates focus on whole body work, breathing and core focus and are able to attend at regular class times in Kiama or Jamberoo. To join a pilates mat class call Solutions reception and select your class time. Payment is accepted by phone.

Can I claim these services against my health fund or Medicare?

Medicare rebates are available if your doctor refers you for Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Dietetics or Exercise Physiology under a Chronic Disease Management plan. Almost all health funds provide rebates for Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Dietetics and Exercise Physiology and for Pilates exercise taught by our exercise physiologists. Some funds offer rebates for Massage and Personal Training/Gym memberships.


Please download our fee schedule or contact reception on 02 4232 2222 for further information.