Is there relief for back pain during pregnancy?

Is there relief for back pain during pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings extraordinary changes to the woman’s body. Most women will experience some pain and fatigue during their pregnancy, but with the right care and a sensible lifestyle you should continue to enjoy a healthy, comfortable and active body.

Back pain during pregnancy is often felt over the pubic symphysis, pelvic floor and sacroiliac joints. There is evidence that targeted “hands on” therapy along with appropriate exercise (mild to moderate intensity floor or water exercise) can help.

Sacroiliac joint related pain is much more common in pregnancy than in the general population. This can present as sharp pain in one buttock which limits standing and walking. Getting a diagnosis to determine the structures involved is important because the management and exercise recommendations vary.

Choose exercise that moves your body in all directions and particularly works and moves your trunk. Side lying, all fours exercises and using a gym ball are great modifications to allow for later pregnancy.



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