Work and MVA Injuries

Workplace and MVA injuries

With a number of physical therapy practitioners located in the centre (Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Exercise Physiologist, Remedial Massage Therapist) Solutions for Wellbeing is the premier physical rehabilitation provider in the area and ideally placed to assist with recovery from work and MVA injuries. The practitioners work together to ensure an integrated approach to care and recovery treatment.

Solutions for Wellbeing Director, Louise Adam is an independent consultant appointed by WorkCover to provide advice on management of work injuries.

Work injury and MVA services have an emphasis on:

  • Quantifying and tracking functional capacities affecting the injured worker’s return to work
  • Screening for potential barriers to recovery using psychometric questionnaires
  • Reporting on improvements in functional capacities to assist in timely upgrading of duties
  • Developing strategies to address potential barriers to recovery via consultation with rehabilitation provider, NTD and other therapists.

Functional conditioning programs

Functional conditioning programs are used for effective management of injured workers with sub-acute or chronic problems who do not need intensive psychological intervention. Services incorporate WorkCover’s recommendations and evidence based best practice including:

  • Assessment of:
    •     Current and proposed work duties
    •     Work status and understanding the return to work plan
    •     Functional capacities
    •     Activities of daily living
    •     Pain and disability levels
    •     Psychological factors likely to slow recovery
    •     Physical parameters (muscle recruitment habits, flexibility, strength)
  • Objective measures to assist monitoring (for example, Oswestry, Vernon Moir, Dash)
  • Psychometric screening for barriers to recovery such as Orebro and FASQ questionnaire
  • Individually designed programs that reflect return to work and activity goals
  • Education and reassurance to support increased function and pain management
  • Planned activity upgrading
  • Coping strategies to help with flare-ups and to prevent recurrence
  • Supervision by accredited Exercise Physiologists
  • Involving and informing all interested parties including; treating practitioners, insurers, rehabilitation providers and the workplace
  • Evaluation and monitoring of progress of each client
  • Reporting results using accepted standards to assist in review of medical certification and RTW plans

To get started please contact us on 02 4323 2222 or email

You will need to have seen your doctor and being the most recent work cover certificate with you to your consultation. If your insurer has provider a claim acceptance letter, please also being that along.

If you are a practitioner wanting to refer a client into the functional conditioning program, please contact us for a referral form or complete the details below and we will contact the insurer for approval.

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Pre-employment assessments

If you are a prospective employee needing to undertake an assessment prior to starting a new role, or an employer looking for pre-employment assessment services, Solutions for Wellbeing offer functional assessments to evaluate fitness for specific occupations.

Assessments are tailored to suit individual workplace demands and requirements but typically include:

  • screening questions about pre-existing risks for injury, past exposure to hazardous materials, noise and relevant medical history
  • fitness testing including monitoring blood pressure and pulse during tasks
  • range of movement and postural evaluation
  • functional tasks selected to replicate specific demands of the role
  • screening for pre-disposing factors for injuries associated with the specific occupations

For further information about Solutions Pre-employment screening, please call the centre on 02 4232 2222 or contact us here.